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School Profile

School Profile

Alhambra High School is located in the city of Alhambra, a suburb of Los Angeles. In 2000, the population was 85,804. The population consists of 47% Asian, 38% Hispanic, 14% Caucasian, and 15% African-American. (Please note: On the 2000 Census, respondents were able to select more than one ethnicity, resulting in a total of more than 100%.)
Alhambra High School is one of three comprehensive high schools in an ethnically-mixed district. Curriculum offerings range from Reading for remedial instruction to advanced placement courses in six departments. The demographic breakdown is as follows: 51% Hispanic/Latino, 43% Asian, 2% White, 1% African American and 2% Two or more races.  Approximately 16% of our students are limited English proficient and 72% receive Free Reduced Lunch Meal program.

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Public: Grades 9-12

Enrollment: 2,450

Faculty: 100 (classroom teachers)

Accreditation: Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges through 2018

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CEEB Code 050050 Use this number for SAT, ACT and school applications

Marking System

Description of: Regular Classes –Honors & Advanced Placement–Semester Credit

(Grade Point Value) A=20 A=Add 5 points 5

(Grade Point Value) B=15 B=Add 5 points 5

(Grade Point Value) C=10 C=Add 5 points 5

(Grade Point Value) D=5 D=Add 0 points 5

(Grade Point Value) F=0 F=Add 0 points 0

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Each letter grade is given a point value based on the number of credits awarded or attempted. GPA = Total number of grade points divided by the total number of credit given/attempted. This includes all marks and credits from 10th grade through 11th grade. It also includes summer before 10th and 11th grades, challenge tests, grades from other schools, and repeat courses. Total grade points are divided by the number of courses attempted. Physical education, drill team, pep squad, sports, and pass marks are not included.

Class Rank

(Method of Computing)

The student with the highest GPA ranks #1, and the second highest ranks #2. If more than one student shares the same GPA, they have the same rank, and the student’s rank that follows that GPA will be lower according to how many students share the same GPA.

For example:

  1. Marissa 4.0
  2. Steve 3.9
  3. Cindy 3.9
  4. Jesus 3.9
  5. Quan 3.8


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