Senior Page

Welcome to your senior year!!! Your future will be starting soon! Start planning ahead... 
UC APPLICATION TUTORIAL 2021 (as of August 2020)
COMMON APP TUTORIAL 2020 (as of August 2020)
SCHOLARSHIPS: (as of September 2020)
Scholy 'Back to School' Scholarship - $2,000 (Deadline: Dec. 1, 2020)
Equitable (Excellence in Community Service & Academics) - $2,500, $10,000, $25,000 (Deadline: Dec. 15, 2020) 
House of Blues (Music Business) - $10,000
APIA (Asian Pacific Islanders American) Scholars - $2,500 (Deadline: Jan. 14, 2021)
Date: (to be deteremined)
Time: (tbd)
Place: (tbd)
SENIOR SYMPOSIUM (as of September 2020)
Date: (tbd)
Time: Periods 1, 3, 5 or Periods 2, 4, 6 
Classrooms: Various
Graduation Gown Purchasing  (as of July 2020) 
*No one is required to purchase a cap and gown in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. If you have not gotten measured please be sure to go to the Business and Activities Office to be measured.
Senior Cap & Gown Distribution (as of July 2020)
Senior Cap and Gown distribution will be on (tbd) at (tbd).
Date: (tbd)
Time: Most likely, period 4
Place: AHS Auditorium
Date: (to be deteremined), May ___, 2021
Time: (tbd)
Venue: (tbd)
Arrival Time: (tbd)

GRADUATION TICKETS (as of July 2020)

1) All students will get 5 free tickets and extra tickets can be purchased at the student bank until (tbd), or you can purchase tickets at graduation for $10 each. 
2) Graduation Ticket Distribution will be on (tbd). 
Graduation Tickets can be purchased online at seniors can pick them up during senior ticket distribution along with their 5 complimentary tickets on (TBD), May (TBD). Pre-sale tickets are $5 and tickets purchased at the graduation site will be $10. For more information please contact the Student Bank or The Office of Business and Activities (626)943-6920.

Cap & Gown Measurement (as of July 2020)

* Just a reminder students are not required to purchase a cap and gown to participate in the graduation ceremony. Please come to the Office of Business and Activities if you have any questions.


SENIORS: All Seniors-Cap & Gown,  if you would like to purchase your cap and gown, you can purchase it online. The website for online purchase to Academic: and the phone number (800) 626-5000 Ext 203.  The cost is approx. $16.42. Students are NOT obligated to buy a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony. All students who do not purchase a gown will be required to turn that gown in immediately following the ceremony.


12 年級学生: 所有的12 年級学生的毕业礼帽和礼袍, 假如您想購買自己的礼帽和礼袍, 可以在上網購買。学业衣物公司網上購買網址:  及 免費电話 (800) 626-5000 Ext 203.  價格約$16.42/稅。 学生沒有義務購買礼帽和礼袍才能參加毕业典礼。 所有未自己購買的必須在毕典礼結束后立即將礼袍歸还給学校。


Graduandos: Todos los graduandos - Toga y Birrete, si desea comprar su toga y birrete, lo puede comprar en línea.  El sitio de Academic Apparel para comprarlo en línea es: y el número de teléfono es el (800) 626-5000 Ext 203.  El costo es de aproximadamente $16.42 incluyendo impuestos.  Los estudiantes NO están obligados a comprar una toga y birrete para participar de la ceremonia de graduación. Todos los estudiantes que no compren su toga serán requeridos de devolver la toga inmediatamente seguido de la ceremonia.

Panorama Picture (as of July 2020)
Seniors the Panoramic Picture will be taken (tbd) during (tbd). Please go to your 4th period class to check in and then go to the Big Gym. Please have your current Senior ID ready for check in.
Grad Bash (sorry, Grad Bash for 2020 has been cancelled)
Please download the Grad Nite Permission slip for you and your guest if applicable. This must be turned into the Business and Activities Office as soon as possible. If your permission slip is not turned in you will not be allowed on the bus to Universal Studios!!! 


A current and valid photo ID on that day is also required for all those in attendance to get on the bus. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!



Cap and Gown Measurement Day (add'l. info) (as of July 2020)
Thursday, February 6th is Cap and Gown Measurement Day. All Seniors need to report to the Auditorium Foyer at lunch to get measured for a cap and gown. Academic Apparel, the school's vendor, will be measuring all seniors that day. 
*No student is required to purchase a cap and gown to participate in the graduation ceremony. All gowns that are borrowed from the school will be collected immediately following the Ceremony. Caps and Tassels can be kept by the student.  
If a student wishes to purchase a cap and gown they may do so. Academic Apparel will be on site Tuesday, February 28th at lunch to take orders. Cap and Gowns will be approximately $16.42 (updated as of 2/20/20). Payments accepted in cash, check or debit card only.