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Academy of Future Educators (AFE) 

Advisor: Karen Jacobson


Students enroll in the Academy of Future Educators (AFE) elective class where they integrate academic rigor with career development skills.  Once they receive intensive training from communicative and leadership skills to tutoring their peers, they are then placed in a classroom to assist teachers with struggling students. In essence, AFE tutors are distributed in a wide range of classes from general education to special education to Specialized Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE).  Many of the program participants are bilingual and support English language learners. This school year, the student-led “Student Haven and Resource Center” (SHaRe) was opened on campus-a place for English Learners and their supporters for tutoring and various club meetings.


AP Ambassadors

Advisor: Nancy Padilla


AP Ambassadors is a student-led organization which is comprised of a diverse representation of the student demographic that provides peer modeling to encourage students to reach for higher goals, tutoring to help them achieve academic success, translation services for parents and families to ensure their support and encourage their involvement. Members participate in community events and functions, and raise awareness and funds for charities and catastrophic events.