Dance Team

Dance Team email: [email protected]
The Alhambra Dance Team is a very active activity that involves year long practice in order to prepare for the performance season (which runs from August through December) and then the competition season (which runs from January through March). The team successfully competed in six competitions last year with another six to eight this year. 
For the next season, 2020-2021, tryouts will occur later on in the summer. 
When tryouts are allowed, this is what will occur: 
An informational meeting will be held on (tbd) @ 3:00pm in the SGR Canteen benches area. The appropriate paperwork will be distributed with explanations. Be prepared to practice the first general routine following the meeting in the Dance Room. Wear loose fitting clothing, athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. Girls will be asked to complete a 1:00 minute group routine and then come up with a :30 second individual routine. Final tryouts will be held on (tbd) in the large gym with four girls at a time (2 potential members and 2 current members). The solo routines will follow each set for four girls. 
Practices occur generally during the weekdays from 3:00pm to 6:00pm depending on the type of routines the girls would like to perform. 
If you have any further questions, please email Mr. Tong at the above email address.