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Green Construction Academy

What is GCA?

The AHS Green Construction Academy, initiated in 2010, is a state-funded California Partnership Academy (CPA) funded through SB-70. The academy model is a 3-year program that focuses on a Career and Technical Education (CTE) theme while also including academic coursework. The academy model requires that at least 50% of the participating students be identified as meeting at least one "at risk" criteria, but is also available to college-bound students.

Academies include 10th through 12th grade students who are co-horted by grade in a designated series of classes. Each grade level is designated to optimally include 30 students per grade-level and all academy classes currently meet A-G requirements. Desired student outcomes are improved attendance, grades, and academic motivation. These are achieved by having a dedicated GCA counselor, after school tutoring program, industry guest speakers, mentorships, paid/unpaid internships, and field trips.