NEW Counselor Last Name Assignments for 2023-2024 (updated as of July 24, 2023): 

Ms. Jing Wu: A-Church + Health Sciences Academy
Ms. Ana Dacaret: Chwa - Gonzalez + 9th & 10th Poder Students
Ms. Sally Yoo:  Gov - Linares
Ms. Mayela Del Rio: Liu - Nava + 10th & 12th Grade Poder Students + SEI Spanish Speaking Students
Mr. Peter Wang: Navarro - Tapia
Ms. Mindy Schofield: Tay - Z + SEI Students-Mandarin & Cantonese
Ms. Anny Cruz: Mental Health Counselor
Ms. Elizabeth Lopez-Mondragon: Mental Health Counselor
Ms. Janice Liu: Career Technical Education (CTE)
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