Preparing for College

Tips to Prepare for College:
Admission representatives from various colleges will be hosting seminars on campus throughout the school year in the Career Center or the Cafeteria. In addition, our district will be hosting "College Night" in October (usually at San Gabriel High School) where dozens of college reps will present their campuses.
The Career Center will also feature college visits to campus for student tours. This past year, tours of Occidental College, USC, San Diego State, and Cal State Los Angeles were just a few of the campuses students were able to visit.
When you sit down with a representative, remember to ask questions. Don’t take the meeting lightly—the college rep you meet at school may be a member of the admission committee that reviews your folder.
And of course, make sure that the colleges to which you apply also have the major that you are interested. On average, a student will change his or her major four or five times while at that campus, so look for your second choice, third choice, and fourth choice majors.
Remember always to PLAN AHEAD!!!


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