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Being the first to go to College...


There's something special about being the first…

…especially being the first in your family to attend and graduate from college. I'm First! is an online community for first-generation college students—and their supporters. Hear inspiring stories and share your own, discover colleges that care about first-gen students, find answers to your questions about college, and receive guidance on the road to and through college.



Community Colleges

California community colleges offering a wide range of programs leading to associate's degrees, transfer, or degrees and certificates in career technical fields. They provide an economical way for students to pursue their career goals.


Explore California Community Colleges:


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East Los Angeles College:


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Four Year Universities

Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree from a four year university must complete the UC/CSU A-G Requirements to be minimally eligible for admission to the UC or CSU System.


California State University

The California State University System has 23 campuses that server nearly 427,000 students.


Explore the CSU System:

California State University System:

CSU How to Get to College:


University of California

The University of California has 10 campuses located throughout the state serving 220,00 students.

Explore the UC System:

University of California System:



Independent California Colleges & Universities

There are 75 Independent California Colleges and Universities (also known as Private Schools) throughout the state. These universities provide a variety of degree programs to meet the diverse needs of California students.

Explore the Independent Colleges & Universities:

Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities: 

Other private school application resources: The Common Application

Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s): &

Career Exploration Resources:
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California Career Zone:

Big Future College Board Online:

ASVAB Career Exploration Program:

Brain Track: