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NCAA schools require college-bound student-athletes to build a foundation of high school courses to prepare them for the academic expectations in college.

What are core courses?

Not all high school classes count as NCAA core courses. Only classes in English, math (Algebra 1 or higher), natural or physical science, social science, foreign language, comparative religion or philosophy may be approved as NCAA core courses. Remedial classes and classes completed through credit-by-exam are not considered NCAA core courses.

Classes that are NCAA core courses include:

  • English: English 1-4, American Literature, creative writing
  • Math: Algebra 1-3, Geometry, statistics
  • Natural of physical science: biology, chemistry, physics
  • Social science: American History, civics, government
  • Additional: comparative religion, Spanish 1-4
You can search by the high school's six-digit NCAA High School Code. Alhambra's High School code is 050050.
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