For graduation, students must pass the CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) Students begin taking the CAHSEE as a sophomore. The test is offered every semester for students who have not passed. Additional help is available for preparation for the CAHSEE.

California State Tests take place sometime in April and are included in the schools API and AYP scores. Every student will take CST or CMA tests.

English-Language Arts

Blueprints Preface

Grades 2 to 11 (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 564KB; 46pp.)


Blueprints Preface

General Math (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 121KB; 6pp.)

Algebra I (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 64KB; 3pp.)

Algebra II (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 63KB; 3pp.)

Geometry (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 51KB; 2pp.)

Summative High School Math (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 80KB; 4pp.)

History-Social Science

Blueprints Preface

World History (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 130KB; 6pp.)

Grade 11 (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 173KB; 8pp.)


Blueprints Preface

Grade 10 Life Science (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 132KB; 6pp.)

Biology/Life Sciences (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 158KB; 7pp.)

Chemistry (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 171KB; 7pp.)

Earth Sciences (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 128KB; 5pp.)

Physics (Posted 18-Nov-2005; DOC; 115KB; 5pp.)

The State of California has released some tests for practice purposes They are available for download at this site.

In addition, college bound students will need to sign up for the ACT or SAT. Information on these tests is available in Guidance