Summer School 2020

Alhambra High School is proud to announce that we will once again offer credit and grade recovery summer school to our Alhambra High students for FREE through MT SAC. Priority for these courses are given to students that have earned an (1) F grade (2) D grade in that order.
We offer the following courses:
English 1-4
Integrated Math I
Integrated Math II
Integrated Math III
World History 1/2
US History 1/2
Biology 1/2
Chemistry 1/2
Spanish 1/2 (can be taken for original credit)
Spanish 3/4 (can be taken  for original credit)
Other courses offered for credit recovery and students (10-12) new to AUSD District needing to meet this requirement:
CTE Wheel
June 3-June-June 18 (session 1) 5 credits earned
June 19-July 7 (session 2) 5 credits earned      Holiday 4th of July
Bridge Courses for elective credits: (5 elective credits)
Bridge to A1
Bridge to A2
Bridge to Calculus
Bridge to English 1/2 H
June 3-June 23
Break 10:00am-10:25am
ONLINE is also available for grade and credit recovery:
Report to your school counselor to see if you are eligible to be enrolled
Attendance is crucial. Students that miss more than 3 days will be dropped from summer school and will not earn credit
Students must see their school counselor to enroll for these courses.
Other Summer School options NOT sponsored by AUSD:
Alhambra Education Foundation (AEF)
Alhambra Educational Foundation