Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Friends:
Welcome to Alhambra High School! We are part of the Alhambra Unified School
District, a vibrant system dedicated to educating all enrolled students from the
community. Here we are “Striving for Moor.” Here we proudly celebrate and
continue our rich tradition of educating pupils since 1898. I think you will be
impressed with the great pride and commitment demonstrated by our students and
staff. Alhambra High School is and will continue to be a place where academic
excellence is our mission. Please use our school website as a resource and guide to
our school. I know you will like what you see. Alhambra High School is exemplary in
the following ways:

Alhambra High School Moors enjoy the distinction of being one of the top high
schools at the local, state and national levels. We have received the California Gold
Ribbon; a Title I Academic Achievement Award; successful six year WASC
accreditation; the Golden Bell for our innovative Moor Friends Club. The combined
efforts of dedicated staff and engaged students bring about these accolades.

*Opportunity and Access
Alhambra High School remains steadfastly committed to providing opportunity to
all students. Our Advanced Placement program is unusual because it is one of two
schools nationally to be identified by the Educational Trust Foundation as an open-
access program. Open access is celebrated by the success rates and support given to
these students. Another program open to all student is the Writing Center
partnership with California State University, Los Angeles. Weekly support is
available in all curricular areas. PODER and the Green Construction Academy are
programs that target our under-represented populations in bridging college and
career readiness.

*Activities and Connections
Students thrive when they have a choice of extra-curricular activities which may
offer a niche or connections to new friends. Our school sponsors over fifty service
and special interest clubs. We offer a full athletic program sanctioned by CIF. Drama,
journalism, performance and visuals arts are open to all Moors. In fact, at present,
our speech and debate team ranks 24th among the nation’s 3,500 participating
schools! We believe it is crucial that teenagers have plenty of chances to try new
skills, get along with others, and find positive outlets for expression.

*Parent and Families
Parent involvement does not stop with high school. Student success is directly
linked to parental guidance, and we respect that relationship. Alhambra High School
offers numerous opportunities for parent involvement. Traditional groups such as
PTA, School Site Council, English Learner Advisory Council, and booster club are
always welcoming new members. Our counselors host parent night for the college
admission process, including guidance for meeting financial aid deadlines. We also
offer College and Career fairs to assist families with post-secondary options.
Additionally, parents are invited to sign up for parent walk-throughs. Each semester
the school conducts visits, wherein parents tour classrooms in session to see
teaching and learning as it occurs daily.

In closing, I’ve included an observation finding from the WASC Visiting Committee
Report: “Alhambra High School is an inclusive campus where students do not let one
another feel isolated. Students make a conscious effort to speak to others they have not
interacted with before. Staff members also ensure they speak with students in an effort
to create relationships. It is not uncommon for staff members to walk through campus
greeting students with “Good morning!” and “How are you?” With this, teachers leave
their classrooms open at lunchtime as a safe space for students to go or so they can get
help with assignments. For both staff and students, Alhambra High School is much like
a “big family” where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Classified staff and campus
security interact with special education students daily to make sure they too feel part
of the family at Alhambra High School. Students do the same as they recognize this
population through “Moor Friends.”

Thank you for your interest in Alhambra High School, home of the Moors.

Duane Russell