Alhambra High School

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AHS student's await as they eat their baked projects.
AHS student's working as team to get assignments finished.
Measuring during class.
Student research potential future careers.
AHS student's smile for the camera.
Student project research during lab time.
AHS student use board games for team-building
AHS students work as a team to get assignments done.
AHS student's show off their baked project
Finished wood work from woodshop class.
AHS students eat their baked treats
Focused AHS student during woodshop class.
AHS students use board games as a team-building method
Focused AHS students during Geometry
AHS students celebrating
AHS student focused on her classwork
AHS student focused on his work

Our Mission

The mission of Alhambra High School is to ensure the educational success of all students by having a comprehensive educational program where students can learn and become productive members of a diverse society.
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